Garlic 2012

Hey everyone!

The garlic is going into the frozen ground as of April 8, 2012.  Some was planted yesterday and the day before.  Some snow remains on the patch that I plowed off a week ago.  Many cloves are in good shape and we are working on building up the seed stock this year to have more to offer everyone!

We have started peppers, flowers and tomato plants and are following the Old Farmer’s Almanac listing of best days to plant for 2012.  So far it appears to be bang on and plant seeds are responding tremendously.  I will list that here:

March 2012 recommended planting days

Use it and enjoy.

For those planting garlic, I recommend reading the listings on this website….

It is an easy to read and readily linked to printable form listing of what to think about when planting garlic.  We plant in the first week of April.  There are many in Alberta who try the fall planted way, and it depends entirely on you.  I have too much garlic to plant and mulch, so I do the spring planting.  Up to you.  Good luck and keep posted!


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