2012 Is Almost Gone

2012 was a great year for growing squash, potatoes, soybeans, peas, beans (both green and dry) and a variety of other things, as you can see!Abundant harvest

Here is a picture of our thanksgiving bounty at a friends heavenly acres…

The Peppers she grew in her greenhouse and the squash (orange) is mine.

The very large hubbard squash we ate…it was a small one at 35 lb.!!

This year I am happy to offer both the Blue and Green Hubbard squash, and the following new squash varieties:

Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert (1-2 lb. orange flesh turban type)

Queensland Blue ( 2-4 lb. blue skin, orange flesh)

Australian Butter

Red Warty Thing


Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

Shamrock or Triamble Squash

Valenciano Pumpkin

Guatemalan Blue Banana

Pink Banana

Jarradale Pumpkin (stays green, like Cinderella)

Lady Godiva pumpkin (grown for the seeds which are hulless, but these are good eating green pumpkins)

Long Pie Pumpkin

As well as Apple Green Eggplant (limited supply), Gladiator Parsnip, Superschmetz Kohlrabi.

I have Snowball Cauliflower, Utah Celery, Iceberg lettuce, and parsley for sale also.

New tomato varieties:  Striped German, Tiny Tim, Red Beauty, Debarao, OSU Blue, Striped Cavern, Vintage Wine, Caspian Pink, Black Brandywine, Pink Brandywine, Moonglow, Fierette, Belle Star, Quebec 2473, Nova, Marmande, Sweetie, Xina and Portugal

New varieties of Cucumbers – Slicers ( Jaune Dickfleischige, Tendergreen Burpless), and (pickling) Homemade Pickles.

New Peas – Mr. Big, Ne Plus Ultra, Desiree, Triple Treat, Sutton’s Harbinger, Top Pod, Dry Green Round, Spring, King Tut, Russian Sugar, Early Frosty, Sugar Ann, Mammoth Melting Sugar, Cascadia, Oregon Giant and Green Arrow. Reintroduced are Lincoln, Bolero, Mom’s, Laxton’s Progress, Straight Arrow, Super Sugar Snap.

New varieties of Beans – Tung’s Pole, Early Riser, Dwarf Bees, Painted Lady, Baie Verte Indian, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Romano Bush, Romano Pole, Lazy Housewife, Anellino Yellow Pole, Stringless Green Pod, Oma’s Speckled Green Pod, Blue Jay, Blauhilde (re-introduced), Golden Wax, Pepa de Zapallo (more of),  Kentucky Wonder, White Pole, Jade, Lynx and Pisarecka Zlutoluske (re-intro’d).

I grew a good variety of Soybeans which I am happy to introduce, and will offer in limited quantities so everyone can have some….

Grand Forks, Green Envy, and Sayamusume

Broad beans and Favas that I added this year, some in very limited quantities so email and enquire about availability..

Andy’s Broad beans, Small Iluman, Polar, Red Epicure, Black Fava, Sweet Lorane, Golden Lima, Centennial Fava, and Bunyard’s Exhibition.

Unfortunately it was not a great year for garlic, so supply is almost non-existent.  It is planted for next year, so stay tuned and sorry for that.

Thanks to all who have already contacted me for catalogues….remember there is a link right here.  I will endeavor to update the pages soon, but for now if you want a new variety and are unsure about what it is like, email me or do a google search.  All the best, thanks again,


December 2012


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