Additions for Spring 2013

Hi Everyone;

Well, I have just gotten out of the garden and can see Mr. Fluet Onions, Multipliers, Egyptian onions and Dutch onions (like Multiplier).  As well, I have some Red Sun Shallots still in the ground, and some evergreen bunching onions.  I will part with some chives if anyone has need of them also.  Just email me at smileyo at xplornet dot com.

Also I have these as rootstock – Comfrey (Russian), catnip, spearmint and peppermint, lungwort and Pink mungwort.  If you want some they are $3 for each.

Also of course horseradish root to plant or use, Rhubarb roots to plant and dandelion root for those who want to cut and dry their own for use as a medicinal.

These are the seed potato varieties we have available.  Prices are listed on the site: Egyptian, Oma’s White, All Blue, All Red, Nooksack, Chieftain, Yukon Gold, Green Mountain, Red Pontiac, Cherry Red, Sangre, Bintje, Agria, Caribe, and Norland.

The garlic is coming up and so are the lilies which is great to see.  I will have some extra fresh herbs this spring to sell closer to planting time as well. We will have thyme, sage, savory, rosemary and oregano for sure, and perhaps a few others.  There should be tomato plants of our famously unusual and tasty kinds as well.

I can distribute Raspberry canes to those who want and can get a hold of an excellent black currant variety from a homesteader farmyard, brought here from Germany during immigration in the 1940’s.  It is very hardy for the prairies and an excellent producer.

I also have 3 kinds of Jerusalem Artichokes if anyone is interested, and one is Beaver Valley purple, one Carmen Heirloom white and one red(from the George Pegg Botanical Gardens in Gunn, Alberta).  Prices are as for onion sets.

Thanks for all your orders and interest in Heritage seeds.



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