Tomato Plants

Hi there everyone;

I have a few of each of these if anyone is looking for varieties this year.  I will be trialing them this year and you can too.

Crnkovik Yugoslavian, large beefsteak, red, high yielding
Berkley Tie Dye – multicolored streaked 5″ beefsteak type
Bali – large brainlike fruits, all colors
Early Latah – small-med. early red plum tomato
Wentzell – dense fleshed, big productive beefsteak
Azoychka – large yellow slicer, productive
Mennonite orange – people say the best flavored of the orange beefsteaks, 5″
Garden Peach – small to med. sized, fuzzy peach colored fruits
Tasmanian chocolate – brown and green ribbed large beefsteak
Colossus – incredibly large productive plants, red beefsteak type
Andy Buckflat’s Wonder – red, early productive, resistant to late frosts
Mountain Princess – large round, red 4″ fruits
Cole – small to med. red fruit, early
Bearclaw – large flattish huge pink fruits
Pineapple – golden yellow marbled large fruity taste
Green Grape – best tasting grape tomato, ripens green
Anick’s Grandpere Rouge – red, 2.5″ round beefsteak, good keeper
Longkeeper – round, red, keeping tomato
And there might be a few others in there!

Let me know if you are interested.  They are $2.50 each.



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