Merry Christmas and Happy 2014

crop xmasHello everyone who follows my web blog and thanks for all your support over the years.  I have been busy working out this year but will continue to do my best to supply new and specialized heritage varieties to the list of our offerings.

News for this year:  I will be teaching at the Master Organic Gardener’s course offered through the Stony Plain Multicultural center in Stony Plain Alberta in February and in September.  I am very excited about being asked and love to present to groups whenever I can.

I will be adding the new seed varieties when I can.  I have a few more kinds of tomatoes and many potatoes, so keep checking back over the next month for those.  I salvaged as much garlic as I could from the crop failures of 2012 and 13 and hope to offer it again in the fall or next year.  We see 2014 as a great garlic year.

I want to start a discussion on CSA’s and see if anyone is interested in that option.  I would look at the program as a viable option for our farm if there is enough interest.  A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture program that runs like a share option for farm produce.  We have mulled it over for a few years.  We are interested in biodynamic farming as well and would love your feedback on your needs and interests.  Please comment below.

Again, thank you to everyone who has expressed interest and supported our seed business.  We look forward to a great year and wish you all the best.


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    1. It depends on what you mean by large quantities, Shelley. And what kind you are looking for. I have some varieties. I have Roblin and Durum at the moment, but only about 100 lbs of each that I can sell. Thanks,

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