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Hi there;

I have had enquiries as to how to get a hold of us and how to order.  I am working on the new offerings for the 2014 catalogue now.  There will not be any garlic until the fall.  I should have the catalogue out today or Monday if that fails.  I print these myself, so please, if you can download it and print off a copy for yourself.  My cost is about $3 each, so I prefer people have their own copy.  I hope you understand.

Address:  Box 127, Cherhill, Alberta  T0E 0J0  email:

If you want to order scroll down this page to the bottom, there is a link to the order form.  You can either print that off, and mail it to me with a cheque or money order to A’Bunadh seeds or Denise O’Reilly or you can email me your order and I will send you a paypal request. That is what is acceptable to this date.

Shipping is determined based on the packets and how many and weight.  Shipping for 3-4 small packets that fit in a regular envelope is $3.00 and it goes up from there.  If I cannot mail it in an envelope to stay flat, the rate jumps considerably, but I think it is better not to have the seed squished.  Shipping for larger packets is $12.95.  I do not charge or collect GST.

Hope that answers some questions.  If you have others, call me at 780-785-2622.


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