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Hi everyone;

Just a quick note with this post so that you can find what you are looking for.  I have not yet loaded the new seed offerings in the catalogue, but I have updated it so far.  I am sold out of Kohlrabi, which is not updated in the catalogue.  Download both of these together to know for sure.


A’bunadh seed catalogue, book 2015, edit

New Seed Offerings 2015

Also at the end of the catalogue is an order form that you can print or you can just email me with your requirements and I will get back to you that way.  Make sure you are using smileyo at xplornet dot ca as the email address.  Here is just the order form.

Order form

We are in full swing at the seed sales this weekend, so time is of the essence.  Thanks for your support.

Selling seeds at local Alberta Seedy Saturdays
Selling seeds at local Alberta Seedy Saturdays






Remember, there are still garlic sets and they can be spring planted on April first, even if it is howling and freezing.  In fact I would even put them out now. Clear the snow and put them in rows up to 5 plants across, separating them with the width of the end bulb in mind.  They should be anywhere from 2-4″ apart, and as deep as the clove or slightly deeper.  Keep them weeded and watered with 1″ per week if we don’t get it naturally.

Unfortunately I am out of onion sets until fall.  I will keep everyone in mind that already requested.

I will be sending potatoes and Jerusalem Artichokes out to all that requested in Early April.  Thanks for your interest, and we have many good kinds left.  I am out of the Toolas and Timo unfortunately.  But there are many other great kinds and more to come.

Let’s hope the early season continues so we can get in the dirt soon and that the water is timely and plentiful.  Have a great growing season!

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