New Varieties for 2015


There are some new varieties grown out for 2015.  They are listed below.

Peas – Corne de Belier, Penners Russian Sugar, Suttons Harbinger (reintroduced), Amplissimo Viktorianskii, and kids crazy peas.

Beans – Royal Burgandy, Mostaller Wild Goose, Black Coco, Dragon Tongue (aka Horticultural Bean), Landreths Russian, Giant red Tarka, Coco Rubico, Vieux Flippe, Agassazi pinto.

Lentils – reintroducing Ethiopian Lentils

Turnip – Swede Osgarde, and Turnip beets for greens and kimchi

Swiss Chard – Fordhook Giant

Beets – Fuer Kugel – a giant sweet beet from Germany with red and white zones.  Exceptional and at least 6″ around.  Very tasty

Corn – Double Standard bicolor sweet, Painted Mountain sweet corn (multicolored), Gills golden sweet, and Dakota Black Popcorn are available.

Onions – Bernie’s Red, Red Zeppelin type, Yellow Globe, Jaune de Paille, Prince type, Perennial Bunching onions, Noord Bloedrode, and others

Trees and berry shrubs

Chokecherry available again

Scotch Pine for landscaping

Norway spruce – fast growing and beautiful, huge cones

5 Needle Pine – apologies, I have yet to identify this one.



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