Hello winter…

Hi there; finally the winter winds blow and just in time.  I think we can all agree that we have been very spoiled this year by the weather.  There were grasshoppers but no mosquitos to speak of, hot weather that benefited many crops and a state of dryness that did not.  All in all I am thankful for the year, its crops and abundance in spite of everything.  I am always amazed at how a handful of seeds can yield an abundance of produce.  We have a cellar full of potatoes, many Jerusalem artichokes and a bushel of cucumber seed.  So thanks nature. Thank you soil and thank you weather.

The garlic was finally nestled in the ground as well in a record late time into November…that has never happened before. And I have not got the tally but it is into the thousands again.  It is cozy beneath a bed of straw and awaiting the return of warm weather come spring.  I am happy to have culinary garlic to share with all the chefs that have been after it for years.  Soon I will be out with my wares, approaching restaurants with my potatoes and garlic.

As there is never a dull moment around here, I will be soon starting the cleaning and packaging of seeds for the coming season.  Thank you all for following us and our farm,




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  1. Hello Denise,

    We had a table by you at one of the Seedy Saturdays. I am wondering if you would consider partnering with us to do a fundraiser in the spring? We generally do live plants but 2 years ago we added in seeds and bulbs from Vesey. I would like to stick with the bulbs from Vesey, and the live plants from Badger Ridge Greenhouse, but to add in seeds for sale that are organic, non-gmo, and local. Is this a doable option with you? I know when we spoke of it before, but I had left it too late in the season. If yes/maybe … please let me know what this could look like supply-wise on your end (types of seeds available), what our margin percent would look like (what you charge us to buy them vs what you would like to see the seeds selling for), when we would have to get the order in, and when delivery time would be.


    Lisa Demers

    Haysboro School Dream Catcher Garden (K-6)



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