New for 2016

San Pancho sunset Happy New Year!!

Like a brilliant sunset, we find joy in the close of this, 2015 and the dawn of a new year to come.  Nothing has really changed, as one day rolls into the next, each moment seemingly inseparable from the next, and yet, it is through our minds, our perceptions that we realize the passage of time.  It is all in our minds.  And so I choose to look forward to this new Year as an opportunity to be and do in a new way.  So I dawn with a new look for our site, which grows as we do.

And I choose to send out a sincere thank you to all who have chosen to expand their knowledge of the natural world, of their place in it of their own creation, and their power in making a difference to connect back to mother earth, to their food, to rejuvenate their health, to empower their own journey to relearn one of the most fundamental aspects of life on earth – growing one’s own food and diving into biodiversity. Congratulations on your successes in 2015!

I look forward to speaking with you all in the times to come and hope that your steps this year will be in truth to your missions in life, that your words will ring from the depths of your being and that you shine the light of your intentions to brighten the world around you for the good of all.

From everyone here on the farm, thank you

Denise, Jeff and family


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Avid environmentalist for over 30 years, gardener, lecturer, photographer, grower of all things beautiful, saver of seeds (our right), promoter of keeping the earth free and clean. Mother of 3 and wife of 1. Member of a very large women's community (over half the world).

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