Hi there;

I am almost done the new catalogue and we are storming ahead packaging seeds like crazy for the upcoming sales.

Here are our dates:

March 12 – Stony Plain Seedy Saturday

March 13 – Red Deer Eco Fair

March 19 – Calgary Seedy Saturday

March 20 – Edmonton Seedy Sunday

I took potatoes last year, but got hassles about that apparently not being acceptable, so we have changed things up a bit so that everyone can still get great potatoes and I will not have to worry about the government coming in and taking the farm.

If you want some potatoes which are great for eating and as you all know you can also choose of your own volition to plant them in the ground…

then I will have them available for eating through the website only.  Please call me in advance or email me to let me know what you want and I will reserve them for shipment in April or we can arrange a meet in Edmonton one weekend and everyone can come to a central location for pickup.  Shipment is not that bad and you get fabulous tasty potatoes at your disposal any time.

I am off this week to the Organic Seed growers Conference for North America in Corvalis Oregon, thanks to the Bauta Family Seed initiative and the cross Canada Seed Growers Alliance group.  We will meet there to discuss Canadian grower issues and it will be very exciting.  Let you all know how it goes when I get back!

We have some great new varieties of tree seeds for landscaping trees and I have some White, Burr and Red Oak seedlings for sale, $3 per tree, for spring and summer delivery.  Email me at smileyo at xplornet dot ca if you are interested.

We will also do limited amounts of raspberry canes, red currants and comfrey root for those interested, prices vary and so does availability.

We will be starting plants soon, so if you want tomatoes, peppers, cukes, corn or anything else that I have seed for and want me to start plants, let me know by the end of February.  Thanks everyone,

Posting catalogue soon,



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