Trouble with downloads

I have had some people tell me they cannot access the catalogue online.  Or the survey.  I am endeavoring to correct the issue.  If you have that particular challenge please email me at smileyo at and I will send it to you directly.  Sorry if anyone is frustrated….




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Avid environmentalist for over 30 years, gardener, lecturer, photographer, grower of all things beautiful, saver of seeds (our right), promoter of keeping the earth free and clean. Mother of 3 and wife of 1. Member of a very large women's community (over half the world).

4 thoughts on “Trouble with downloads

  1. Could you save a packet of M32 melon seeds for me to pick up on March 20th? I have always wanted to grow melons and I think this is the year to jump in.

    Thanks, Cherry


    1. Hi Moira;
      Sorry for the trouble. If you want, I can email it to you. I have some people say it is more difficult with Macs for some reason??? Thanks,

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