2016 Organic Information

After a long contemplation, we have decided to bite the organic bullet so to speak and formalize our status this year.  We do as many of you know, farm naturally, sustainably and with zero inputs.  We have our own manure from our own cows from our own feed.  We have sold hay to people interested in quality, fresh forage and have an ever expanding demand for Non-GMO seed, heirloom varieties grown the way nature intended.

But we are going to formalize that and transition into organic.  I have had a lot of people inquire about that and a lot of local farmers looking at it also, so there is opportunity there to form a grower network of farms under one Organic Banner or separately.  We are going to host an informal Q & A night April 12, 2016 at Connections Coffee House in Sangudo, Alberta for those interested in finding our if Organic Transition is for you, to ask questions about it and see how you can be involved or even if you want to be.  I welcome anyone who wants to find out about it to attend.  Admission is $10 and you can call me to register at 780-3056377 or at home 780-7852622.  It will start at 6:30- 9 p.m..  Coffee and cookies served.  If there is a big turnout these will be on me, if not, please know that I wish I could cover it for everyone, but I am also putting ads and posters up and that takes time and $$.

Several organic producers will be in attendance covering all Agriculture sectors and so if you know anyone, please also pass this on to them.

Many people have filled out the grower survey so I am excited about that for this year, and growing even more great varieties and trialing them in other zone 2 areas around the province to see how they do.  I also have growers in short season areas in BC and Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan and Nunavut.  So it is pretty exciting.  I will be hosting a seed saving workshop sometime this summer or early fall so I will keep you posted.

thanks everyone, have a great growing year in 2016!


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