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Hi everyone;

CSA’s are a form of farming in relationship with people looking for fresh local food, who can partake in a share of the farm and the farmers producing local food.  I am joining 2 other couples in my area to grow fresh produce for interested individuals and families.  CSA means Community Sponsored or Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a wonderful model which allows local farmers to be in a positive cash flow position going into the production season, when typically costs are high, so they can plan effectively to grow all the food for the people participating in the share program.  Without this, farmers cannot plan food production effectively, and in this model it allows us to target our wonderful, fresh goodies to all those that want a closer relationship to their farmer and their food.

What we plan to offer is a full range of seasonal, fresh produce and other things, familiar and sometimes unfamiliar as well as exciting, tasty ways to prepare them at home in a jiffy.  Full shares will feed 2-4 people per week and half shares are for 2 people.  We will also offer other produce such as pickling cukes or other things for those that want to do their own home preserving.

If any of you are interested, we are going in on a plan to grow fresh veggies and produce for people in the West end of Edmonton or bedroom communities extending West of the city out to about Onoway, or Alberta Beach.  We are hoping to have one community drop off per area so are encouraging neighbors to come together to have shares dropped off either at their homes or at their workplace to help us spend less time on the road and more time growing fresh, local goodness for your share bags every week.  We encourage you and 8 or so of your friends to get together and purchase a share in our CSA for the upcoming 2017 season. In exchange for operating as coordinator you will receive a discount on your share.  We also encourage each community to sponsor a gift share if they are interested which we will donate to a local seniors facility or food bank to share the good food in a more community inspired way.

We are taking early bookings up until April 15.  Shares are offered in full and half share prices.  CSA bags will consist of 8-10 items in half shares, and 12 to 15 in full share bags.  Half shares are $27 per week, and full shares are $45 for a 12 week season from June 29 to September 29, or about 12 weeks.  Half the cost of the shares are due up front to secure your spot for the growing season by April 15 (total $324 – so 1/2 is $162 for the half share, and total for a full share is $540, with half due of $ 270 by April 15).   The balance of the share is due upon the first delivery or by June 28.  We will pick produce on Wed. and Thursday mornings weekly and will deliver on Thursday each week.  Shareholders can expect to keep in touch with us via a weekly e-newsletter that will outline the produce expected in the share and recipes and ideas for the use of the veggies also.

Space is limited, so if you are interested, please contact Lana at 780-953-9725 soon.  Thanks everyone.

Our goal in this endeavor is to start a local food hub which will expand and grow to help consumers get more involved in local food and eating healthy, enabling people to take control of their health and well being and promote local food and reduce the carbon foot print of food.  We are also passionate about getting more people involved in changing the way we think about food, explore the local environment around them in relation to food and health and the environment.  Hope you will explore food with us and continue to find the joys of life through fresh, nutritious food grown by people who love what they do.

Thanks everyone !!  I am so excited!! 🙂




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