Time is Now

Just a quick note to anyone who might be interested or know someone who might not be able to grow their own garden but would like access to fresh, farm-direct food this summer, the time is now to reserve a spot in our farm-direct produce CSA.  All the information can be found at grownnearhome.ca.

In order to plan for how many families we will be growing for this summer, we need to hear from you or your interested family and friends soon.  We are hoping to also help some of the less fortunate in your community and you can help by getting people involved.  In exchange for being a community organizer or drop off location we will either reduce the cost of your share (with 8 or more others referred), or donate a share to your community or charity of your choice.  This helps everyone.  We also need to know who is on board to begin organizing local drop off locations for the weekly produce bags.

Imagine, enjoying fresh new potatoes, carrots, peas, and greens among other things, the way nature intended them to taste, and at the same time, build community and support each other.  We hope you find that as exciting as we do.  We are planning now, so let us know your interested by visiting grownnearhome soon.


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