Fall Harvest Special

Hello all you avid gardeners.

Wanted to let everyone know that we have been working all summer at various indoor and outdoor pursuits and have scarcely had time to breathe let alone be on the internet, but I have missed all of you and wanted to touch base.

We had a market gardening endeavor this year and produced a beautiful garden for our new CSA members and loaded them up with garden fresh produce all summer long delivered weekly into Edmonton.  We had a large hail event half way through the summer that dampened things a bit, but we recovered most of the garden produce and continued on.  However, my partners got a little carried away growing potatoes and trying out the new potato planter and therefore we have about a million pounds of spuds that are just waiting for someone to speak up for them.  We are offering 25 and 50 lb. bags for delivery into an Edmonton location for anyone who wants a constant supply of the best tasting spuds this side of the Rockies….. ok, they are awesome potatoes and please help us out by taking some off our hands.  We are offering them at a discounted price.  We have Yukon Gold, Russet, Norlands, Linzer fingerlings, and many other kinds.  We can make a special mixed bag for loads of fun and colorful meals.  The fingerlings are especially wonderful and make awesome home fries because you don’t have to peel the skins and just add olive oil and italian herbs, coat and bake in the oven – YUMMY.

The seed garden suffered a little due to the time constraints, but we do have several new kinds of cucumbers, corn and turnips on the go, beets and carrots and some squash.  Our hope is to see all of you at the seedy events in the spring and hear from you via email about how your garden grew this year and what your successes and trials were.  I like to stay in touch and know what everyone is experiencing.  So keep in touch.  My direct email is smileyo at xplornet dot ca, and I have not been able to change the direct link in the contact us button, so please do not send emails through that link as it is an old email address and I do not get it.  Sorry.

We are fully certified organic this year, so that is exciting and I am still hoping to build on the CSA idea and have people come stay on the farm and learn gardening, cooking, animal care, wild crafting, old country skills, survival skills and all the other blessings of country life first hand.  That is my dream to encourage people to grow their own food, find their own food in nature and know what to do with it.  So contact me if you are interested.  There were so many wild saskatoons, chokecherries, pincherries, Blueberries and other fruits out there that I hope you all took advantage of it.

Of course some areas were ravaged by wildfire and drought this year and that was devastating.  The Hurricanes in various parts of the world were also equally destructive.  It is to be expected and prepared for.  Tough to say, but it is a sign of the state of the world.  But we can do something about it, every day and through out actions directly.  Support the world you want to see and not just through rote action.  I bless all of you to find what brings you peace and joy and pursue a world that brings the same to all.




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