Garlic and Potatoes


Some of you have called requesting prices for potatoes and garlic.  Remember that the email is not sent to the right address if you don’t use smileyo at xplornet dot ca.  The email cannot be sent through the contact us link.  Somehow it goes to my old email and I cannot access that anymore.

Thanks everyone.  I have only Hutterite Purple, Russian Red and Music available this year as the weeds got the rest of the batch.  They are $4 a bulb.  Let me know soon, as I am planting out the bulk of it this next week.

Potatoes available for $.50 a lb if you order 50 lb or more, prices vary less than that.  We have many Linzer Delikatesses, which are a very nice white skin, yellow moist flesh large fingerling type for excellent home fries, boiling for potato salad all winter long and Italian style bakers.  We also have large French Fingerlings which are huge, and make good bakers, boiling and french fries.  Red skin and white flesh.  We have lots of Russian Blues (all purple throughout) good for baking, storage, boiling for purple mashed potatoes and potato salads.  We also have some Nikolas which are the new Low Glycemic potatoes for diabetics and those concerned about sugar content in potatoes.  We have Wendy’s purple which are a nice sized baking and boiling potato, purple skin and lighter purple than Russian Blue in the flesh.  We have some very hard to find varieties also like, Bliss Triumph (red skin, white flesh, excellent flavor), Crotte de Doubs ( long fingerling, large sized, somewhat crescent shaped purple skin and white flesh), Irish Cobbler (white skin, white flesh keeper, baking, boiling), Lukes Bush Cobbler, similar to Irish Cobbler, but for smaller gardens, All Reds (red in and out for pink mashers and baking).  Remember that all the colored potatoes have the same potato flavor and more antioxidant content than regular potatoes.  We have Rokos (red skin, white flesh) , Sante (white skin, white flesh) and Sangre (red skin, white flesh).  Also Rays Russian and Warba (white skin, pink eyes, white flesh excellent flavor multipurpose potatoes).  If you want to try a new kind or a mixed bag we can definitely accommodate that.  And if you want a trip out to the farm for old fashioned potato harvesting days, come on out and we will make a day of it.  We have carrots, green onions, parsley, turnips, parsnips, garlic, kale and chard still in the garden, and Pumpkins and Blue Hubbard squash also, so get all your fall harvest at once.  I have also some tomatoes for canning.  Give us a call ahead 780-785- two six two two.  Thanks to all, and happy Thanksgiving!!


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