Summer herb walk


I am going to set a day for a herb and mushroom walk on our farm and anyone interested must let me know.  The date is August 25, 2018 unless there are oats to harvest, which I will keep everyone informed of changes.  It will be from 9 Am to 2 PM.  Lunch will be potluck.  We will learn about seed collecting and making tinctures as well.  Please register with me via email at smileyo at xplornet dot ca.




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5 thoughts on “Summer herb walk

  1. I’m unable to go to seed saving at library And herb walk. I ve had an injury, From Betty Doug…

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  2. I think I read the potatoes thing wrong, sorry about that

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  3. Denise, would you be willing toBring a  $25., 50 lb. bag of mixed potatoes To mayerthorpe library onAugust 1? When you do seed saving workshop?Do you have the potatoes at your farm, hope IUnderstood that right.Thanks Betty 

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  4. I’m available to go on a herb mushroom walk.aug 25Please send particulars

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    1. Email me at smileyo at xplornet dot ca and I will tell you where to find us. IT is $25 for the day, bring your books, baskets, jars for tincture and a bottle of vodka to make tinctures if you are interested in that. Thanks, Denise

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