Seed Event Calendar 2020

As of today we are booked into the following seed sales

Calgary Seedy Saturday – Mar. 21, 2020 details or

Edmonton Seedy Sunday – Mar. 22, 2020 details or

Stony Plain Seedy Saturday – Mar. 28, 2020 details

Sherwood Park Seedy Sunday – Mar. 29, 2020 details

As you know, these events are integral to the support of local seed movements in Canada. We and other growers look forward to this time of year to meet you all face to face and get your feedback on our products and services, not to mention just greet you all. However, as you can imagine, these events (hopefully, with your help) attract a lot of people and we do not have as much time as we would like to help each and every one of you. If you have specific questions about the varieties that we offer that are not clear in the catalogue please email me ahead as I can better give your questions the time and attention they need.

Our staff at events are friends and family that come out to help with the volume of sales we do during these events. They are not as involved with the day to day growing as I am and so that is also something you should be aware of. We are a small business, and everyone is busy. I encourage you to get ahold of us ahead of these shows with questions or orders, so we can bring them with us already organized. It will save you a lot of time and hassle. Potato orders are a must, as I have limited space in the car to bring spuds and keep them safe from freezing temperatures. They are also heavy and so I do not bring them if I don’t have to.

As always, Comfrey, horseradish, and asparagus roots, as well as Jerusalem Artichokes are available only after the ground thaws. I may or may not be able to have them in March at the shows. You are welcome to ask ahead, but expect to have them shipped if spring is slow. We also will have gladiolas bulbs this year in some great colors, see our catalogue for details (if we do not sell out before the shows).

We are offering on farm courses as always in the summer of 2020 if we are not super busy with the u-Pick, so stay tuned or visit the Hill and Dale farm site on wordpress for further details.


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2 thoughts on “Seed Event Calendar 2020

  1. Hi

    So with the Corona virus I am not going to the seedy Sunday. So if you could let me know about shipping $$ and I’ll send you a pay pal

    Thanks Angie

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    1. For Sure Angie. If you want to wait for everything at once, including the potatoes it would be $16.95. If you want the seeds first, and then the potatoes, add $5.00.

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