Sold Out and Changes

So we have sold out of the following tomatoes:
Bulls Heart Oxheart, Black Oxheart, Lutescent
Peas: Bolero and Olympia, Edna’s Russian, Golden Sweet, Magnolia Purple,
Beans: Neckar Konigin pole, Herronbohnli pole, Limelight, Red Valentine, Blue Jay (though we have Oma’s)
Favas – Black fava, and Kabouli Black chickpea, Jubilee and Masterpiece
NOTE: Golden Beets and Touchstone Gold beets should be $3.50 and not $2.50
Carrots: No more Scarlet Nantes (though Nantes 1/2 longs are just as good or Bolero), out of Shorty Mix, Spectrum Blend, and Nash’s Rhumba
Corn – out of Golden Bantam for this year. Returning next. Whipples White, Strawberry Popcorn, and Field of Dreams
Cucumbers – out of Double Yield
Herbs – out of Spearmint but have plants for $5. Same for Rhodiola.
Lettuce – out of the following: Red Blend, Black Hawk, Cracoviensis, Grandpa Admires, Marvel of 4 Seasons, Rouge D’Hiver.
Peppers – Large Bell Mix, Doe Hill, Czeck Black
Squash – Jack O’Lantern Medley, Winter Mix, Squash Mix, Ambassador, Japanese Black
Chard – Orange and Bright Lights are sold out.
Tomatillo – Sold out of Aunt Molly’s
Tomatoes – as above and Ildi, Oxheart Giant, Black Icicle, Russian Heart.
Trees – One package left of Mandy’s Huckleberry

I am also sold out of Climbing Nastirtiums, but Golden Gleams is similar. And small Black Seeded Sunflower is gone.

As we mentioned we sell out fast, so if you come to the seed sales you will still find lots to look at but always best to email your order in for pick up if you are wanting something special guaranteed.

Also my friend in Lac La Biche has Red Norlands, Gold Rush (a russet kind and not related to Yukon Gold, sorry), and Warba’s. Other potatoes are not available until 2020 in the fall.

Any tomato, pepper, eggplant, or other bedding plant orders are due by March 15 to ensure availability of what you want and other than that I will have a year end greenhouse plant pop up sale at the end of May, beginning of June. Stay tuned for that or visit

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