Selling out fast

Thank you to all who have purchased seeds from us so far. We are still receiving and filling orders like mad and are hoping that you all get a great garden in this year. Might be the year to start if you don’t have one!

In case you are wondering, please check out our list of sold out items. The catalogue is not updated to display these, as I am busy doing orders. So to add to the list:
Micro Tom tomatoes, Moneymaker, and Black Cherry are sold out but we have PLENTY of others that can fill their place. If you are a greenhouse grower or market gardener we will do a special deal for you if you need larger quantities. Just call or email me specifically.

We are also sold out on Magnolia Purple Snap, Edna’s Russian Climber, Risser Sugar, Sugar Snap (though we have Cascadia and Amish Snap which are great), Schweiser Rissen, Rheinische Zucker Erbse, Bolero and of course Olympia. We have lots of Laxton’s Progress, Homesteader, Mammoth Melting Pod, Top Pod and a few others.

We have sold out of most of the squash and pepper mixes, but lots of great kinds left to choose from.

We are sold out of mustard greens but have Snowball Cauliflower, which I forgot to put in the catalogue, as well as lots of the collard greens, gai lohn (great in stir fries), and sprouting broccoli. They also freeze well for winter smoothie use, without adding a lot of taste to the shake. Unless that is your goal.

I am surprised that you all are not ordering kale, swiss chard and the like, as the cruciferous vegetables are very high in nutrients, phytochemicals and sulpheric compounds which are known to be helpful in preventing lots of chronic diseases and lung infections. You may find them most enjoyable lightly steamed with just a drizzle of oil and lemon, salt and pepper. Very tasty and good for you.

Mustard greens

As always, stay safe and take care of each other, and let us never lose our humanity in the face of crisis. We are here to assist at 780-785-2622 or email smileyo at xplornet dot ca.


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    I would like to order at least 39 packages of seeds. Can’t print out your order form. Do I just take a picture of what I want? Couldn’t find cauliflower seeds though. Thank you Patsy

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