March 2021 Updates

We will be online with Christa Realba and the Ambitiousmamapodcast on March 17, 2021 at 11:30 AM MST and we will be doing some giveaways, so be sure to attend.

On Mar 21, 2021 instead of seeing you all in person, we will be presenting online a beginner gardening presentation for the Virtual Edmonton Seedy Sunday event, at 9AM MST. Link is at

We are still filling new orders and getting some help from Kara Watson in Calgary with our seed catalogue to hopefully have an easier to read and scan catalogue. Bear with us and will also pass on her contact information to anyone who is in need of a professional editor.

Right now, this week is a free health Summit online offered here. I encourage you to take it in.

Enjoy all of these events and remember to check out other online seedy Saturday and Sunday events at as there is probably one near you through your computer!!

Until we meet face to face!


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Avid environmentalist for over 30 years, gardener, lecturer, photographer, grower of all things beautiful, saver of seeds (our right), promoter of keeping the earth free and clean. Mother of 3 and wife of 1. Member of a very large women's community (over half the world).

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