Potato/JA Harvest

Yes, we had a drought and yes it was a poor year for many garden crops. We had none of most things we normally do, such as beets, peas and carrots. We did manage to get the harvest in and were pleasantly surprised by the potatoes – they did very well and I have too many currently in storage.

So, I am willing to part with some for those of you who wish to try some new varieties for fresh eating this winter. I have 20 and 50 lb. sizes for order now, deliver to West Edmonton or Stony Plain area in a couple of weeks. Price is $2 per pound for the 20 lb size, $1.50 per pound for the larger 50 lb size. Please send me an email and we will get that to you.

ALSO – Just harvested the Jerusalem Artichokes and will be selling those for eating or for replanting this fall for harvest next fall. I WILL NOT BE SELLING THESE IN THE SPRING!!. I would like to get them to those interested now. It is the perfect time to plant or just keep them in the fridge crisper in a plastic bag for munching all winter. They are so fresh and crunchy right now. They are good raw or baked in the over in a little oil and Italian Herb. I will sell 1 lb. bunches for $14. Email is smileyo at xplornet dot ca. Thanks. I write it that way so the bots cannot pick it up and send me spam.

Blessings to all of you gardeners. We are working on the catalogue which will be somewhat smaller this year, with current offerings only. Look for that in the next Month!


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