2022 Catalogue

Hello! This is a new record for me to have the new catalogue done this early!! I know all the big seed companies do not have theirs done yet. I am going with what I have and what is new, and as you will see, peas and beans are rather sparse as that is how it is. If you are looking for greater volume of seed, you can always contact the larger houses.

I appreciate all of you and your continued interest in heirloom seeds and supporting our seed company. We endeavor to please. Thank you again, and good luck in 2022 with all your gardens!!

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Avid environmentalist for over 30 years, gardener, lecturer, photographer, grower of all things beautiful, saver of seeds (our right), promoter of keeping the earth free and clean. Mother of 3 and wife of 1. Member of a very large women's community (over half the world).

3 thoughts on “2022 Catalogue

  1. Will you ship to the U.S.? South Carolina, if so would it be best to pay using Pay Pal? Thanks, Annie

    1. Hi Annie;
      We can try but my experience has been sometimes it is stopped at the border. It would be up to you to take the chance as there are no returns if this happens. They do not send the seeds back to me.

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