Edmonton Seed Sale

Hello Beautiful People!!

Some of you will have attended the Edmonton Seedy Sunday event last weekend online. Not quite the same, but as we move towards a freer world and more awareness that some dangers have passed, more in person events will be offered. Now more than ever, seeds are showing their importance as the start of food security and we are happy to be part of your collection of seeds!

The Edmonton Horticultural Society is having in person meetings again, their first being March 28, 2022 from 6:30-9 PM at the central Lions Recreation Center (11113 113 st) in Edmonton. This is where Seedy Sunday used to be held and they have asked if I would be interested in coming out to have a table. I am interested and so have committed to be there. Those of you who have ordered potatoes or seeds that want to pick them up can come there then. Those who just miss the face to face aspect of seed sales can come there as well and peruse our selection of quality seeds. And remember, open pollinated seeds are ones you can grow and save seed from yourself, lessening your cost over time.

Hope to see all your bright and shining faces at this event, and we welcome any inquiries about ordering ahead to pick up there. But remember, I would have to have those orders today or tomorrow for sure. Thanks again!


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