Changes to event dates

Hello everyone

Springtime in Alberta

So given we are back to this, I will have to postpone the strawberry planting and learning opportunity scheduled for this Saturday April 30. We will have to try in a week or so. Contact me if you have registered and can make it the following Saturday.

There was a mix up on the dates I had listed on different sites for the Greenhouse Workshop. I had posted May 14 here but it is actually May 15. If you registered and are unable to do that date, please contact me for a refund. So sorry about that.

I was out doing ground prep and the garden is ready for planting as soon as the dirt dries up a bit. Thought I would get the spuds in early this year but the weather fouled that up. No worries, plenty of time and if you are a gardener you have learned the lesson of patience by now!!

The greenhouse is full of tomatoes and peppers, eggplants and herbs, coleus, columbines and now early squash and watermelon. Good thing the propane heater is going, and some days the plants are already outside. So I have been satisfied that my hands are in the dirt.

Today’s chore is to fill the water tank at the greenhouse with rainwater as all those plants get thirsty! We will be eating early lettuce and greens out of the beds soon. Remember, now is the time to plant your spinach, beets, parsnip, kale and radishes, lettuce and even peas and carrots. Most can just go on the snow in the garden and will sprout when this melts. Yes, it’s true! The only ones which should be pushed in the dirt a bit are the peas. So the birds don’t get the seed, because they are hungry too!

Stay hopeful! All is well as per normal in Alberta! 😄


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  1. Hi there! I would like to see if you would have space in the strawberry workshop that’s been rescheduled. I’d like to sign up if there’s room. Thanks very much (I can’t find a sign up page) Margo Carpenter

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