I am writing to share this extraordinary knowledge for growing plants and healing humans that is part of this podcast. Listen and enjoy. I am researching and incorporating this year on all our land and gardens. We will record and share the results and put together a workshop about this amazing process. https://embed.podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/matt-roeske-on-electroculture-pyramid-power-and-2-000/id1608016106?i=1000584381980&theme=light You canContinue reading “Electroculture”

Food shortages? Not when you grow your own!

There is some talk going around the internet of upcoming food shortages forecast either to scare people or force them into accepting government handouts. But whatever the reason, it does not concern me and whenever possible I post when I have extras if either plants or food, veggies, strawberries etc. Join the contact list ifContinue reading “Food shortages? Not when you grow your own!”