Social Media Links

Do you know where to find our information on Facebook? We are @abunadhseeds We recently posted the first of our seed saving tips and tricks there, including this one We can be found also on Instagram, much as we disagree with their terms of service, @deniseaoreilly We are also on Telegram, which isContinue reading “Social Media Links”

Great Workshops Coming Up!

The Master Gardeners Association of Alberta is a great resource for gardening information. They have the following great courses coming up: No Til Gardening Friday 05 February 2021, 06:30pm – 07:30pm  If you love to garden but hate weeding and watering, join us as we explore no till gardening with Kim Ross.   Kim will share withContinue reading “Great Workshops Coming Up!”

Online Gardening Workshop

Hello beloved gardeners! The Sangudo Horticulture Club will present their annual spring Garden Workshop online via a Zoom event this Saturday. The day promises to be exciting, with guest speaker Dr. Bob Bors, head of plant development at the University of Saskatchewan! You will not want to miss this one. Register by contacting the Sangudohortclub@gmail.comContinue reading “Online Gardening Workshop”