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In 2020, we planted 3000+ strawberry plants and a few other things for a U-Pick.  We do not know how well the berries will come the first winter, but you can find further information on our sister site,  There you can find beef packs, hours of operation and availability for the U-Pick, and on farm events. Check in often before you drive out, as we do not want to disappoint anyone.

You can find all our offerings in the seed catalogue on this site.

Besides a wide variety of seeds, we currently we offer garlic and potatoes, comfrey and horseradish roots and jerusalem artichokes fresh.  We have limited raspberry, strawberry and asparagus plants offered in the spring time, so contact us directly.  We have spruce trees available, but you must dig them and transport away.  Call ahead. 

We will grow trees we offer here on a contract basis if you are interested, but you are better off cost-wise to go to a commercial grower.  We have Nanking Cherry bushes available also.

For vegetables, we have almost everything you can grow from seed.  See the listings offered in our catalogue.  Often we run out of seed in the listings, so send us an email order and we will verify availability first before you send payment.  We do usually have suitable substitutions so can do that if you are ok with it.  As you can appreciate, seed season is very busy for us and we have limited time to run back and forth figuring out replacements.  We promise to do our best to ensure replacements are as close to your selections as possible.

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Newest catalogue

Please note, all the listing numbers have changed, so I have removed previous reference pages. It is all in the catalogue. When you order, please list by common name, as that is what I reference most often.

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