Update to June

Hi there;

Thanks to all who received tomatoes and herbs.  They are now either all gone or planted.  I wish you all an abundant year.

I will be conducting a few mushroom hunts around Lac Ste. Anne County organized through the Darwell Public Library, June 18, 20, 25 and 27 from 7-9 p.m. in the evenings.  We will meet and hunt, learn and grow.  Anyone interested can contact them directly at 780-892-3746 or 3743 or email Sandra at adarlibrary@yrl.ab.ca

We are busy working on the garlic weeding patch and helping our daughter complete her off-grid home.  See dependenceday.wordpress.com for updates and pics.  Take care this summer and be sure to reap what you sow!


Tomato Plants

Hi there everyone;

I have a few of each of these if anyone is looking for varieties this year.  I will be trialing them this year and you can too.

Crnkovik Yugoslavian, large beefsteak, red, high yielding
Berkley Tie Dye – multicolored streaked 5″ beefsteak type
Bali – large brainlike fruits, all colors
Early Latah – small-med. early red plum tomato
Wentzell – dense fleshed, big productive beefsteak
Azoychka – large yellow slicer, productive
Mennonite orange – people say the best flavored of the orange beefsteaks, 5″
Garden Peach – small to med. sized, fuzzy peach colored fruits
Tasmanian chocolate – brown and green ribbed large beefsteak
Colossus – incredibly large productive plants, red beefsteak type
Andy Buckflat’s Wonder – red, early productive, resistant to late frosts
Mountain Princess – large round, red 4″ fruits
Cole – small to med. red fruit, early
Bearclaw – large flattish huge pink fruits
Pineapple – golden yellow marbled large fruity taste
Green Grape – best tasting grape tomato, ripens green
Anick’s Grandpere Rouge – red, 2.5″ round beefsteak, good keeper
Longkeeper – round, red, keeping tomato
And there might be a few others in there!

Let me know if you are interested.  They are $2.50 each.


Garden ventures….

Hi all,

I was out in the garden today and cultivated the other day.  Looking pretty good.  Things have dried up considerably.

I was out scouting for early Morels today and found a few, just poking their heads out of the duff.  So if you know what you are looking for, they are around.

Helped Mom with transplanting tomatoes, we did 125.  That took care of most of them.  She was doing corn and cucumbers and also has many musk melons that sprouted which she does not know what she is going to do with.  So if you are after melons or cukes or corn, let me know.

I took some photos and will do uploading tomorrow.

Talk to you all later,


Additions for Spring 2013

Hi Everyone;

Well, I have just gotten out of the garden and can see Mr. Fluet Onions, Multipliers, Egyptian onions and Dutch onions (like Multiplier).  As well, I have some Red Sun Shallots still in the ground, and some evergreen bunching onions.  I will part with some chives if anyone has need of them also.  Just email me at smileyo at xplornet dot com.

Also I have these as rootstock – Comfrey (Russian), catnip, spearmint and peppermint, lungwort and Pink mungwort.  If you want some they are $3 for each.

Also of course horseradish root to plant or use, Rhubarb roots to plant and dandelion root for those who want to cut and dry their own for use as a medicinal.

These are the seed potato varieties we have available.  Prices are listed on the site: Egyptian, Oma’s White, All Blue, All Red, Nooksack, Chieftain, Yukon Gold, Green Mountain, Red Pontiac, Cherry Red, Sangre, Bintje, Agria, Caribe, and Norland.

The garlic is coming up and so are the lilies which is great to see.  I will have some extra fresh herbs this spring to sell closer to planting time as well. We will have thyme, sage, savory, rosemary and oregano for sure, and perhaps a few others.  There should be tomato plants of our famously unusual and tasty kinds as well.

I can distribute Raspberry canes to those who want and can get a hold of an excellent black currant variety from a homesteader farmyard, brought here from Germany during immigration in the 1940’s.  It is very hardy for the prairies and an excellent producer.

I also have 3 kinds of Jerusalem Artichokes if anyone is interested, and one is Beaver Valley purple, one Carmen Heirloom white and one red(from the George Pegg Botanical Gardens in Gunn, Alberta).  Prices are as for onion sets.

Thanks for all your orders and interest in Heritage seeds.


April Showers….

Hello to all;

Thanks to those who are following the posts, ordered seed or saw us at Seedy Sunday.  Last week I planted the carrots and beets that are for seed this year as well as some turnip, cabbage and onions.  Hoping for a great year to grow if we can ever see the soil for all the snow!!

As all things happen in their own time and all timing is perfect, I have been thanking the gods that I did not have the time to get all the garlic out of the beds last fall.  Turns out it would never have gotten in the ground by April 1st and so I will see it all as divinely inspired and know that the year will allow for me to transplant the sprouts into new beds in May.  All will be well.

Anyone still wanting seed is encouraged to email ahead as we sold out on many things.

Also, please keep in mind that my quest to find open-pollinated seeds that will grow and thrive here in Northern Alberta continues.  I visited the Monsanto site the other day and was boggled at how many seed companies they have and under how many guises they pose to unsuspecting farmers and gardeners alike.  It seems there are many farmers in the states and Canada looking for canola, soybeans, corn and wheat that is not a Monsanto product, but the quantities they are looking for are either not available or un-affordable.  That is the dilemna and it continues to spark debate.  If I had the land base I could begin to provide slowly to those that need.

If you have vast quantities of seed, let me know.  Maybe we can begin to pool resources to service this need and ultimately help farmers that are looking.  It will be an uphill battle with the government, but well worth the fight as more and more people are reacting to gluten grains and corn and I think it is due to genetic modifications.  

Also, if you have seed that is from an ‘old’ gardener or dates back generations, please let me know.  I am happy to trade and swap.  Thanks so much,


March 12 update

As time rolls closer, I am packaging acres of seed and looking forward to meeting everyone at Calgary and Edmonton’s Seedy Sunday events. I will be in the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Hall on Saturday March 16 (1320-5th Ave NW) from 10-3. Thanks to all who have pre-ordered and I will see you then. Whatever seed I have left will be available on Sunday for the Alberta Avenue seedy Sunday in Edmonton from 11-4 (9210-118 Ave.). Parking is an issue in Edmonton, but hope you will come out. Pre-ordering before Thursday will be you best bet to ensure all the seeds you want will be available for both events. Thanks again for all the support, the phone calls and the sincere appreciation for open-pollinated seeds.

New Mesclun Mix

Hi everyone;

Just created a new salad mix of spicy greens.  I am calling it Spice of Life.  Don’t even have it in the catalogue yet.  It is a mix of lettuces, mizuna, arugula, some rapini, some wasabi greens which is like a spicy mustard, and a few other things.  Sure to please.  Try it out!!

Also I have salvaged some Pattypan squashes so will also have those available to all interested.  See you soon at a seed sale near you!


2013 Catalogue Download now done!

Here it is finally….the 2013 catalogue available for your perusal or download.  Please note the item numbers have changed. That is ok, if you are using an old catalogue I will know what you are talking about.  Thanks everyone.

Remember you can preorder for pickup at a seedy event and save shipping costs.  Just send your order by email to smileyo@xplornet.ca and I will send you a paypal request and you can pick it up at the event in Calgary or Edmonton.

I have also made the order form downloadable as well.

Catalogue download: A’bunadh seed catalogue, book 2013

Order form: Order form

Thanks again.