Everything you wanted to Know about Soil, food and Health

Because I am passionate about our soil and its relationship to nutrient rich food, I am always amazed when people do not see the relationship but then, once I started to understand why, I was driven to write down everything I had learned in the last 25+ years. If you are wondering, see this article below….

Soil and health


“We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot.” – Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist and inventor

I have also recently recorded a talk I did about Modern Farming Techniques and Soil Health as it relates to you and your food. You can find that here:


As you can appreciate, farmers are hard working folks. They do what they do because they are working to feed the world and their families. They should be supported in any way you can. Thanks everyone for your interest in continuing education.

Welcome to the New Catalogue!

36 pages, wwwhaaaat?

So it took me a while, as we have more seeds to offer than ever before. I am still busy packaging, and will be taking a Mexican break for a couple of weeks, so everyone chill and download this reading material until I get back. Enjoy. And we are on the verge of an exciting year ahead!!

And in case you need just the order form itself, I will include both versions. One is to print and fill in, scan back to abunadhseeds@gmail.com,

or fill in the word document and email.

Seed Saving Workshop

All you need is seed. And saving it is easily learned and done. Practice is the key. I am hosting a seed saving workshop on the farm at 56417 RR 51 in Lac Ste Anne County, Sunday Oct. 4, from 10 to 3. Cost is $35 and you must confirm with me by sending an etransfer to reserve your spot as space is limited, given covid. We will also do a potluck lunch outside. Bring a lawn chair, gloves, face covering and dress for the weather. If you have food allergies or sensitivities let me know.

We will have lots of time for hands on at this workshop with plenty of time for questions. We are pinned on google maps if you search for A’Bunadh Seeds. If you are having trouble or would like specifics call 780-785-2622. We will start promptly at 10 with a powerpoint introduction and go from there.

Also, given our extended season, there will probably still be strawberries at the upick and so if you are interested bring containers to pick into. We will have a special rate for all you helpers. Thanks, and look forward to seeing you all there.

Showcasing Local Food

Check out the online review of our Rural Roots Farmer Showcase event and other local farms for Alberta Open Farm Days here or on Adrienne Lamb’s CBC program Our Edmonton this Saturday (10 AM) and Sunday (11 AM) Mornings and on Monday at 1.


web story is up:  https://twitter.com/cbcedmonton/status/1294641852482760705?s=12

Mushroom and Wild Foraging Foray – August 29

We have a somewhat dismal mushroom year, but will host a wild foraging and mushroom hunting foray August 29, 2020. 9 to 3. Bring a potluck item for lunch, rain or shine. Cost is $35 per person; call to register as space is limited 7807852622.

Here is a great site for what to bring: https://www.albertamushrooms.ca/2018/12/05/foray-guidelines-what-to-bring/

Directions to the farm are:

from Edmonton take Hwy 43 N to Whitecourt, off Hwy 16 West. Watch for RR 50, Turn Right. Go to second stop sign, (Twp 564) turn left. One mile to RR 51 turn right follow road to end. Address 56417 RR 51. Park by the farm store at the end of the road in the UPick Parking lot. We will meet there. Farm store is a steel shack at the end of the dead end road. We will start promptly at 9 AM. Journey from Edmonton takes 1 hr.

From Whitecourt or points West, take Secondary rd 764 North of Cherhill, 3 miles to Twp 564, turn East to RR 51, end of road as above.

See you all then.

Get Your Picnic Box Soon!

Hello everyone! As you may know we garden all summer for seed and this year for market garden as well. Last year we had begun a local foods event in conjunction with Alberta Open Farm Days focused on our own local producers and farmers. This year with Covid non-sense happening we had to alter a little of what we present to all you wonderful people who are our greatest supporters.

In an effort to help introduce you to all of our farmers and producers we have put together a picnic box, featuring some great items in a Charcuterie style picnic box, available for pickup in Edmonton at the old Provincial Museum, in Stony Plain at the Best Western Sunrise Inn and Suites, and at George Pegg Garden on Saturday August 15. Order yours today at the link below and watch for Adrianne Pann’s CBC focus on local events to learn more.


Strawberries and Vegetables in 2020

Hello all you housebound persons!

Want to get out? We are opening a strawberry and Vegetable U-Pick on the farm this year as part of our farm development strategy. We hope to start in mid to late July onwards for strawberries and vegetables. We will tentatively open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9-4 and see if we have too many or too few berries. Information is available at https://hillanddale.farm

Check it out and thank you to all the people who ordered seeds this year. Your support means a lot to us!

Selling out fast

Thank you to all who have purchased seeds from us so far. We are still receiving and filling orders like mad and are hoping that you all get a great garden in this year. Might be the year to start if you don’t have one!

In case you are wondering, please check out our list of sold out items. The catalogue is not updated to display these, as I am busy doing orders. So to add to the list:
Micro Tom tomatoes, Moneymaker, and Black Cherry are sold out but we have PLENTY of others that can fill their place. If you are a greenhouse grower or market gardener we will do a special deal for you if you need larger quantities. Just call or email me specifically.

We are also sold out on Magnolia Purple Snap, Edna’s Russian Climber, Risser Sugar, Sugar Snap (though we have Cascadia and Amish Snap which are great), Schweiser Rissen, Rheinische Zucker Erbse, Bolero and of course Olympia. We have lots of Laxton’s Progress, Homesteader, Mammoth Melting Pod, Top Pod and a few others.

We have sold out of most of the squash and pepper mixes, but lots of great kinds left to choose from.

We are sold out of mustard greens but have Snowball Cauliflower, which I forgot to put in the catalogue, as well as lots of the collard greens, gai lohn (great in stir fries), and sprouting broccoli. They also freeze well for winter smoothie use, without adding a lot of taste to the shake. Unless that is your goal.

I am surprised that you all are not ordering kale, swiss chard and the like, as the cruciferous vegetables are very high in nutrients, phytochemicals and sulpheric compounds which are known to be helpful in preventing lots of chronic diseases and lung infections. You may find them most enjoyable lightly steamed with just a drizzle of oil and lemon, salt and pepper. Very tasty and good for you.

Mustard greens

As always, stay safe and take care of each other, and let us never lose our humanity in the face of crisis. We are here to assist at 780-785-2622 or email smileyo at xplornet dot ca.


For the ‘greater good’, all seedy events have been cancelled for this year. But do not despair! We are still here and working hard to get everyone’s seed orders to them come hell or high water!

You can order online at our shopify page, now that I have it sort of set up, but not all products are listed there, as it is somewhat time consuming to list all of our 450+ varieties, so download the catalogue on the main page, print off the order form and call me if you have any questions about availability at 780-785-2622. email is still the best way to send your order, and we can do payments with etransfers. Smileyo at xplornet dot ca. I write it out this way to avoid spam web bots. We will persevere.

If you are ordering bulk potatoes, one or two orders of 1 kg size will ship separately from the seeds at a cost of $17.00. Any more than that might be more and you should contact me for information. Especially if you are not in Alberta. All seed orders over 5-7 packages of flat type of seeds will be shipped at the $14.95 costing, as more materials, time and shipping is applicable. Seed packets of 5-7 flat items are $3 shipping and handling. Contact us if you are unsure.

Live plants will be delivered for a charge or available for Pick up at our farm store in May/June. We have all the mints listed; apple, ginger, orange, peppermint, Mohito (spearmint) mint, and chocolate peppermint. We are seeding peppers, tomatoes and eggplants now with some bedding plants including dahlias. We may have extra flowers for bedding plants also, and potted strawberries. The mints are $5 each as will be the strawberries. Peppers, tomatoes and eggplants are $4 for a 4 inch pot, $6 for a 6″ potted plant.

We have had a lot of orders for Jerusalem Artichokes, so we may be sold out, depending on what the spring brings and what is down there overwintering. IT was very wet going into the fall, and so many might have succumbed to disease. We will wait and see and post the results and availability some time at the end of April.

If you are a greenhouse or market gardener requiring Organic seeds, we can provide you with a Non-GMO affidavit and statement of organic seeds as needed.

Wishing you all a great spring and continued prosperity,