Edmonton Seed Sale

Hello Beautiful People!!

Some of you will have attended the Edmonton Seedy Sunday event last weekend online. Not quite the same, but as we move towards a freer world and more awareness that some dangers have passed, more in person events will be offered. Now more than ever, seeds are showing their importance as the start of food security and we are happy to be part of your collection of seeds!

The Edmonton Horticultural Society is having in person meetings again, their first being March 28, 2022 from 6:30-9 PM at the central Lions Recreation Center (11113 113 st) in Edmonton. This is where Seedy Sunday used to be held and they have asked if I would be interested in coming out to have a table. I am interested and so have committed to be there. Those of you who have ordered potatoes or seeds that want to pick them up can come there then. Those who just miss the face to face aspect of seed sales can come there as well and peruse our selection of quality seeds. And remember, open pollinated seeds are ones you can grow and save seed from yourself, lessening your cost over time.

Hope to see all your bright and shining faces at this event, and we welcome any inquiries about ordering ahead to pick up there. But remember, I would have to have those orders today or tomorrow for sure. Thanks again!

Summer Events

We are planning a few events on farm this summer. Typically we need help putting in the garden in the spring, working it in the summer and harvesting in the fall. In conjunction with the harvest, I hold seed saving workshops for some hands on experience and am doing the same this year, but will be conducting a more in depth seed saving workshop in the early summer. Stay tuned for that.

We will host an online seed starting course in March 16, 6:30-8:30, as we are getting ready for those seedlings in the indoor environment. If you are interested in learning how to start seeds, what mediums to use, how to do it and when, we will cover all the basics during this course. It is via zoom and will be full of info. Cost is $25 per participant and we will run with 10 participants and more. Email smileyo at xplornet.ca for registration ahead. You must register ahead for this one so I know who will be there.

Growing in a greenhouse. This workshop will be held May 14, 2022. We can only accommodate 10 participants in this course. We will talk about constructing and growing in a greenhouse, show different alternatives to greenhouses such as low tunnels and high tunnels and learn the basics of growing inside a greenhouse in beds or in containers. We will start at 10 and end around 2 pm. Bring a lunch and your gardening gloves. Cost is $50. Register ahead at above email.

How to grow Strawberries – this workshop is for participants who want to know how to plant strawberries, what is involved in a large or small operation to be successful. We will spend time explaining layouts, options, plant survival, and success. Participants must be in good physical condition and be ready to apply what they learn in the strawberry field as we gain hands on experience. Registration is a must. Cost is $35. Runs from 10-2 on April 30, weather dependent.

Planting a garden – May 28 and June 4, 2022, 10 AM to 3 PM. If you have no experience seeding, planting or planning a garden, come along for a journey into growing, immersing yourself in the experience in a large space. We will only have space for 10 participants. Learn as you go. You must come for the entire day and as a reward, you can take home some seeds for your own garden. Bring a pack lunch, your gardening tools, energy and willingness. Register as above.

Want to learn about mushrooms? Our ever popular mushroom foraging courses are back! We will be hosting 2 wild mushroom courses this summer. The first will be June 15, the second August 6. The one in June will be an introductory course, heavy in identification and keying mushrooms, classification and what to look for in the wilderness. The second will build on the first and will be intensive in it’s scope. Both courses will feature a potluck lunch and courses featuring mushrooms if we find any. We will run rain or shine. Each course is $50 and registration is a must.

Biodynamic growing introduction to theory and techniques. Based on the concepts of universal connection of Rudolph Steiner, BioDynamics is a very involved and spiritual way of growing food, connecting to the soil and the regeneration of it is key. You will gain an appreciation of the subtlety of this connection and learn to begin growing in this way. We do not have any dates yet, but if interested, please contact us.

Cob building – We plan to hold hands on courses building an outdoor pizza oven constructed out of natural on the land materials. This workshop will enable you to grasp the basics of cob construction, how to mix materials and how to create with them, which can be used and adapted to other constructions including building walls. Contact us if interested in attending in July. No dates set yet.

Hands on building workshops using natural materials – aside from cob, there are natural materials such as whole logs, formed bricks from natural materials, and cordwood which can be used to create homes, sheds and outbuildings. We will host workshops featuring all of these to construct a simple outdoor shower and bathroom facility in our summer camping area. If you would be interested in attending and learning more, contact us, as we do not have dates set yet.

Organic Growing – based on the course I teach at the Organic Master Gardener Course in Stony Plain, this course will give you an understanding of what is involved in being an organic grower, whether you choose to certify or whether you are interested in your own little backyard plot or pots. Terms, definitions, and in depth exploration of the organic growing principles, requirements and considerations will be taught. We will host this as a zoom meeting March 10, 6:30-8:30 pm, registration is required. Cost is $35. Email for details and to register.

Evolved thinking about you and your interaction with the world. More than at any time in history, now is the time to begin to join with like minded individuals who are working towards building resilient community. This summer we will host connection events where you can come and explore new community ideas with others who are building them. We will discuss many topics, all focused on solutions to current problems. This is an advanced thinking community. Those interested can attend by emailing me first.

Action at large. There are many things that have been revealed to us through the past two years. We are not helpless to resolve them. Many have already begun the process of ending local and distant corruption, through the process of Notices of Liability. Many groups have different approaches with varying results. We will explore some of these groups, their concepts, what works and what doesn’t and how to reclaim who you are to move forward in the world with personal power and integrity. If you are interested, please contact me personally at the above email. There is so much to do but a small part is all we are required to do that adds to the whole and moves us all forward. Blessings to those that are moving.

We aim to add to your life in a way that inspires and reconnects you to your internal power place. Have a great day and we hope to see many of you this summer.

Seedy Events in 2022

Well it looks like phase one of the silliness is over. Hope the clear out continues, but in the meantime, we have some good news. Something to look forward to in the coming days.

We have a few Seedy Saturdays we will be attending and you can come in person to see us. Remember I have quite a few more items at the events in person than I am able to post on the catalogue even, because they are rare and in limited supply.

So if you love seeds, growing, gardening, or being food secure, be sure to pop by and see us.

We will be at an invitation only market in Edmonton March 13. This is a market for those who believe we should all be free to choose and value freedom above propaganda. I have to vet participants, so if you are interested please email me and we will have a conversation.

Calgary Seedy Saturday – They are planning an in-person event for Saturday, March 19 from 10am to 3pm. This will take place at the Winston-Heights Mountview Community Association building.

Edmonton is having a virtual event this year. Red Deer is hosting a seed swap and EcoFair as well, details are on the Seeds of Diversity website at http://www.seeds.ca

Stony Plain – The Stony Plain Organic Master Gardeners will host a sale in the Stony Plain PERC building on the Saturday of the April long weekend – April 16. Time open is 11 AM and runs to 4 PM. There will be speakers, and it is always a great event.

If someone wants potatoes this is the time to organize that so I can bring them along. Otherwise they are too heavy to lug around. So let me know.

First Seed Sale of 2022

We have been asked to attend a small CarBoot sale on Coconut Grove Farm this Saturday from 11AM to 4 PM. This is an in person event and outdoors so come prepared. Looks like the weather will be nice!

Yara will be there with the seeds and her new enterprise of special delicious cookies for restrictive diets so come support her Magic Bean Cuisine cookies!!

As I have a previous engagement I will not be there but she will pass out my cell number if anyone wants specific questions asked.

You can bring your order form or a list or just come browse our seeds and join in the fun at this event!

Address is

Directions:• 53215 RR 272 Parkland County (Off yellowhead onto Century Road Towards Parkland)• Peak out for a small sign (on RR 272) indicating Coconut Grove Urban Farms• Drive up the lane, past the house, and towards the yurt (Drive carefully as it is a maintained snow road)

Hope to have a great turnout and pass this onto your friends so their event is a massive success!!

Christmas tree Hunting 2021

Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

This year we are opening up our forest woodlot to a special family Christmas tree hunting season. We will take you and your family out into the lot of special spruce trees of just the right size for you and your family’s living room. These are trees that are growing in the pasture and will be removed eventually so we are thinning them out. You and your family and even the dog (if it gets along with other dogs), can come out for the day and have a fun sled ride out to the spot at the back where we have been growing these special trees just for a few special families. You get to pick and cut your own tree and we will load them up onto the wagon and after a bit of sledding on the fun slope at this pasture, we will head back and have a bit of old fashioned hot chocolate and biscuits.

Strap your tree to the rood of the car and away you go. All are welcome but we need advanced notice and are only able to accommodate so many families this season at a time, so please contact us if you are interested in being on the list. Cost is $110 per family for the adventure, the tree and the goodies.

Contact us at 78 zero, 78 five, two 622. Thank you to all who are seeking a new adventure in the outdoors!! Bring appropriate winter gear, ropes to tie the tree and straps for the car, leash for your dog, sleds or crazy carpets for the hill!! Hope to see you soon. We will run from now to Dec 24, 2021. Can book for 2022 season also!!

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com


We have a few fresh squashes to sell. These beauties will bake or freeze or keep for later use at room Temperature well into the winter. Ones pictured are all edible soup kinds. Crosses between Uncle Dave’s Dakota Dessert, and Australian Butter and Cinderella. Available now; call us at area code 780, seven 85- two six 22 for info and pick up.