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2022 Catalogue is on a new page and below

Hot off the presses!

Welcome back seed and garden fans! We have just uploaded the 2021 Catalogue. It took a while as we have extended our tomato section quite a bit. 2020 was a better year than 2019, which floated us on a thick layer of water from the heavens. As always the garden continues to deliver, and we have some new varieties, but also the same tried and true offerings.

You can upload our catalogue below. Our advice is always to order early (Dec. to early Feb.) as seeds continue to sell out fast. All varieties are $3.50 a packet and up, so check as you fill out the order form to make sure you have the right price, as it makes my job so much easier, and you will get your seeds that much faster. Shipping has gone up, as always, but not by much.

We have no more garlic or Jerusalem artichokes for 2021. All potatoes are in small bags which will seed 6-10 hills depending upon how you cut them. Make sure to have at least 3 eyes per piece as my Irish Grandpa used to say.

Please note, the order form is in the back of the catalogue, but if you want to view online, just print the order form and fill in as you go.

Please make sure you are downloading the NEWEST Catalogue, as we update it as we sell out.

Thank you 🙂

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