I am writing to share this extraordinary knowledge for growing plants and healing humans that is part of this podcast. Listen and enjoy. I am researching and incorporating this year on all our land and gardens. We will record and share the results and put together a workshop about this amazing process. https://embed.podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/matt-roeske-on-electroculture-pyramid-power-and-2-000/id1608016106?i=1000584381980&theme=light You canContinue reading “Electroculture”

New Catalogue for 2023

Hooray! Draft one of the new catalogue is here! It is almost formatted correctly and needs a bit of tweaking, but enjoy anyway! Go to the very bottom of this post to download the catalogue. It is our 20th Anniversary so we will be including a free gift with the first 20 orders in celebration!Continue reading “New Catalogue for 2023”