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Gut health is gaining attention these days as a place to be concerned over as it relates to health and or disease prevention. Allow me to share this great article with you from Ask The, a place where well respected and credentialled scientists pour over all the scientific data as it relates to health, so you can find the information you need to make informed decisions.

Mushrooming 101

Remember to register for our mushroom foray this Saturday at the farm. Details are below. Send your interest via email to smileyo@ or call 780-785-2622. Mushrooming 101, Practicum at Hill and Dale Farm. Part two of our mushroom courses. Participants of this hands on walk and talk will have taken the online 101 introduction.…

Seed Saving Workshop

NEW!! Seed saving workshop– Ft. Assiniboine, Alberta. May 15, 2023 – 2 sessions, 9:30-12, or 1:00-3:30. 10 people max per session. We will teach you about seeds and how to grow and save your own. There will also be a tasting event for squashes so come on out! Book by contacting Wild Violet Acres at…

Digital Currency

At A’Bunadh Seeds we believe in real money and real value. As of April 24, 2023, many of the big banks are going to CBDC’s or Central Bank Digital Currencies. These are computer created centralized currencies. They are traceable and controlled by the banks, government and large corporations. We will not be moving with this…


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