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We are able now to process online PayPal Account payments, however there is a 3% fee.  We can also send an invoice to your email if you want to pay via your Credit Card.  It will come from paypal and we will add the 3% on for that service as well.  We will take a direct etransfer at no cost, or an in-province cheque, but will have to wait for the cheque to clear prior to sending seeds.  We accept money orders also.  

If you prefer you can complete an order form by downloading this one below or writing on a sheet of paper detailing the kind of seed you want (by name and item #), how many packages of each, the individual price and your personal information.  If you email or fax us we can send you a copy of the order form that way also.

We accept cheques or money orders made out to A’Bunadh Farm, Denise O’Reilly or email (smileyo at xplornet dot ca) what you want and I will send you a PayPal money request form, quick and easy.  We will take also digital currency (Bitcoin and Ethereum) if you shop that way.  There is no charge for this service.  Many online Youtube videos explain how you can do this.

Postage rates are between $3.50 and $17 CND usually unless it is a large order.    Thanks again.


Order form is on this page https://abunadhseeds.ca/2021/12/02/2022-catalogue/

Use the downloadable word document, or Copy and complete below, and send it in the mail to A’Bunadh Seeds, Box 127, Cherhill, Alta.  T0E 0J0 with a cheque.  If you are not sure about anything call me at 780-seven eight five-2622

Date:  ___________________________________________________

Name: ________________________________________

Address: including email ____________________________________________________________

Telephone or contact #: ___________________________________________

Seed Name # in catalogue # of packages Price Total

Total of order                         ________________________________________

Shipping cost up to 10 pkg. _$7.95__

Shipping cost 10-30 pkgs. _$14.95__

Shipping over 30 pkg. call for quote

Shipping for bulbs/sets__$12.95_____

Subtotal      _____________

GST 5%    _____________

Grand Total ____________

Thank you for your order!  Expect shipping in 3-7 days from receipt.

Seed Name # in catalogue # of packages Price Total
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