Planting a Historic Garden

We have been invited to plant some of the vegetable garden at George Pegg Heritage Garden near Gunn, Alberta.  For those of you who have never been there, it is a very unique Alberta Historic location with one of a kind, thriving plants collected by amateur botanist George Pegg from around the world during his life time.  George was well known during his time for being an expert in plants and plant culture and was known to have categorized over 200 different species of native willow in Alberta.

He maintained many plants in his collection and so it is fitting that some of the plants that he might have planted in his vegetable patch get back into that same garden space.  We are using the garden as a showcase for locally grown and adapted vegetable seeds and plants.  We are also bringing seeds for final sale at the garden on June 5 from 9-1.  If you are around or want to make an interesting day trip, we will be there and they are also hosting a bird  count by local bird enthusiasts that day.  Come out and learn a bit about food, local vegetables, heirloom gardens and avian observation!!


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