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I know, its not like we need more screen time. But I get so many gardeners ask me for advice and rather than repeating myself I have decided to create some free content for the website, in quick, bite sized bits of video to discuss the most common questions I get and new and experienced gardeners are likely to ask. I am hoping to organize them into categories, and possibly start a YouTube Channel or you can get them by downloading the Telegram App, and following the listing there under Grow and Learn.

These are the topics we hope to address: If you have others, please message us to have them added.

  1. New grower tips on starting out, what to know about starting plants, growing in pots, soil selection and amendments, seed types and best practices, setting up the garden for success, weed or food, when to water or not and with what, when to harvest, what to do with the harvest and long term storage or canning/freezing suggestions.
  2. Advanced gardener tips to success, pruning techniques for trees and tomatoes, hand pollination of varieties, fruit tree propagation techniques, seed saving of all varieties, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and other permanent bed techniques, advanced plant breeding, etc..
  3. All about soil, Soil health and its affect on your health long term.
  4. Fun flowers to grow
  5. Food crops vs. other crops
  6. Green manures and no till practices
  7. Small scale or large scale management
  8. Areas to create income or community from the garden/acreage/farm.

Of course, I am in full swing with seeds and plants most of the year, so bear with me as we get this together and online for you. Follow us @hillanddalefarm on wordpress or abunadhseeds on Facebook for postings of when we launch this project or add your name to follow us here!

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