Christmas tree Hunting 2021

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This year we are opening up our forest woodlot to a special family Christmas tree hunting season. We will take you and your family out into the lot of special spruce trees of just the right size for you and your family’s living room. These are trees that are growing in the pasture and will be removed eventually so we are thinning them out. You and your family and even the dog (if it gets along with other dogs), can come out for the day and have a fun sled ride out to the spot at the back where we have been growing these special trees just for a few special families. You get to pick and cut your own tree and we will load them up onto the wagon and after a bit of sledding on the fun slope at this pasture, we will head back and have a bit of old fashioned hot chocolate and biscuits.

Strap your tree to the rood of the car and away you go. All are welcome but we need advanced notice and are only able to accommodate so many families this season at a time, so please contact us if you are interested in being on the list. Cost is $110 per family for the adventure, the tree and the goodies.

Contact us at 78 zero, 78 five, two 622. Thank you to all who are seeking a new adventure in the outdoors!! Bring appropriate winter gear, ropes to tie the tree and straps for the car, leash for your dog, sleds or crazy carpets for the hill!! Hope to see you soon. We will run from now to Dec 24, 2021. Can book for 2022 season also!!

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