Food shortages? Not when you grow your own!

There is some talk going around the internet of upcoming food shortages forecast either to scare people or force them into accepting government handouts. But whatever the reason, it does not concern me and whenever possible I post when I have extras if either plants or food, veggies, strawberries etc. Join the contact list if you are interested.

We could be going into a period of some shortness of supply but there is plenty you can do if you are concerned. For as long as humans have been around, we have been growing food. People have the know how and the ability no matter where they live. City lots can be turned into blooming orchards and food gardens, feeding and sheltering their inhabitants. Many cities create block clubs where they organize and share. This way the workload is also shared. Many elders miss the days of fresh food and would gladly trade their space for a few vegetables because they cannot do the work a garden takes anymore. Kids are naturally engaged gardeners and love knowing where their food comes from. It is a perfect family activity. It heals and connects.

If you have a shortness of space or time, there are many indoor and automated growing systems to look at. Even a small tub of fresh greens or sprouts are easy to do and very healing. It starts small and grows from there!

There are even groups in Edmonton doing food yards for newcomers to Canada. Many of these people are used to growing all their own food, and miss it dearly. All they need is a space to do it in and come from cultures and communities where resource sharing is a way of life. How crazy is it that we live in a land of such plenty but don’t know how to grow for ourselves?!? Many of us realize we have to get back to a local economy, local food, local trade and businesses that supply from small producers.

Did you know most of the grocery stores you buy from have no avenue to accommodate small farms and small producers? There is so much food that goes to waste because the farmer does not meet the “minimum”requirements of the big chain stores? I once was involved in a local food coop and we had about 10,000 lbs of potatoes at the end of the season. We called around to many food distributors and large suppliers but they would not take them as that was too small for them to bother with!!! We distributed what we could but the rest went to waste. So sad. I have always said that it is not a problem growing food here in Alberta, but the system to get it to the hands of people is what’s messed up. I even offered that people could come out and get them for free! No one responded.

Another thing we could do to prevent food shortages is create more local food processing facilities. Owned by the people for the people. It would provide jobs and help alleviate this supposed food shortage. Many are starting to realize we need to implement some of these actions ourselves because if it does not put money in the pocket of government and industry, they are not interested.

If you are looking for ways you can be part of the solution, long term, check out constitutional conventions dot ca. Action, answers, ands way forward.


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