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At A’Bunadh Seeds we believe in real money and real value. As of April 24, 2023, many of the big banks are going to CBDC’s or Central Bank Digital Currencies. These are computer created centralized currencies. They are traceable and controlled by the banks, government and large corporations. We will not be moving with this trend. We do not consent either knowingly or unknowingly to CBDC’s in any form.

If you choose to use these currencies that is completely up to you. We will of course be happy to work with anyone who wishes to buy seeds from us after April 2023, but we will no longer accept etransfers from the major banks supporting these spy currencies. We will transact in real money using Cash, cheques, postal money orders, bank drafts, silver one ounce bullion or certain other silver coins with known value.

We may also entertain other value transfer systems of mutual benefit. Contact us for more details. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as the world transitions at this time. We cannot proceed with a world of reduced freedom. We will continue to endorse common sense, mutually beneficial transactions going into the future.

Thank you for your support and we wish you continued prosperity during these turbulent times. Stay the road, keep the health of our economy alive. Buy local, support your community and build a world for all equal to their effort.


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11 thoughts on “Digital Currency

  1. Hello Sacred Seed Protectors Right on!! Thank you for taking a firm stand in the fight for our freedom; you folks rock! If necessary, in the future, I’ll drive the cash to you with my order. We need lots more people like you, and please keep me in mind if you ever need any help. Best regards Joan Reyda Sturgeon County


  2. Bravo!

    I haven’t even met you folks yet + I LOVE YOU!

    Thanks for putting all these clear ideas for real exchange out there and for your clear stand for freedom + common sense.

    Sonja H Calgary

    (sorry cannot post on your website … I don;t have accounts w Twitter, FBIBook or WP)


  3. Good for you ! Your company has my full support in this matter. Beyond support you have my admiration for stepping up publicly. There are too many awakend people now, so the conversation to CBDCs is not going to go smoothly. I personally have no money 💰 in any “big” bank . The credit union is a good bank to be in during the coming troubles. Cheers to us all, Robin

  4. Thank you for sharing this information! I totally agree with your efforts and will support you with future orders in these other forms of payment.

  5. Wow! Interesting. Thanks for the information.

    Are all the big banks going this route or are there any that you would accept e-transfers from? It is so quick.

    I am sure I can dig out some cheques but won’t that be more cumbersome for you?

    Good for you for sticking up for your principles.

    Elizabeth Seal


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