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I wanted to let you know about our farm sister site where we list any extra produce we have for sale.  It is at  I have posted 2 videos on the relationship between diet and disease and I think everyone should see them and see the science for themselves.  I am an advocate of taking your own health in your hands and bucking the medical oversights and problems with this barbaric system of health care we embrace.  It is not in our best interests and there is massive unnecessary human suffering as a result.  I live on a farm.  I have as much or more indoctrination as other people towards the westernized view of eating.  I would like to relate these new but old findings about food and human health. It is scientific, it makes sense.  See for yourself.  Afterall it is your life and your body.  Just don’t accept carte blanche anything the media or your doctor tells you.

We are not selling potatoes for seed.  But you can purchase potatoes to eat or do whatever you want with them.  The list is basically the same as last time.  Thanks,


Also GARLIC is available now.  Limited quantites.  Get it soon as we sell out.  $4 a head.  Plant before Sept 10.  KINDS:  Hutterite Purple, Ukrainian Mavniv, Polish Jenn, Purple skin silver, Pink Skin Silver, BC Sicilian, California Organic Sicilian, Hutterite white, Chinese Purple, Korean Purple, Jumbo Silverskin organic, Les Pudar, Procelain, Gido Krupa, Mr. Kastelics, Marlene’s and a few others.


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