New Varieties for 2015

Hi; There are some new varieties grown out for 2015.  They are listed below. Peas – Corne de Belier, Penners Russian Sugar, Suttons Harbinger (reintroduced), Amplissimo Viktorianskii, and kids crazy peas. Beans – Royal Burgandy, Mostaller Wild Goose, Black Coco, Dragon Tongue (aka Horticultural Bean), Landreths Russian, Giant red Tarka, Coco Rubico, Vieux Flippe, AgassaziContinue reading “New Varieties for 2015”

Garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes and Potatoes ready now

Hi everyone; The garlic is harvested and ready to go. They are $4 each head or $3.50 if you order 15 or more.  Let me know as soon as possible if you want any as I am planting it out soon and then availability will be limited. Have these varieties:  Polish Jenn, Ukrainian Mavniv, UkrainianContinue reading “Garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes and Potatoes ready now”

New videos and information

Hi everyone; I wanted to let you know about our farm sister site where we list any extra produce we have for sale.  It is at  I have posted 2 videos on the relationship between diet and disease and I think everyone should see them and see the science for themselves.  I am anContinue reading “New videos and information”

Stop Bill C-18

Here is the petition to stop bill C-18.  Please read information about it at the National farmer’s Union site at or through Seeds of Diversity Canada at Right to Save Seeds Petition C-18 — A Corporate Agri-business Promotion Act Thanks for ensuring that your kids still have the right to grow their ownContinue reading “Stop Bill C-18”

Your Government is siding with Big Business

Your Government is siding with Big Business There is a new bill before the house of Commons that threatens seed savers and farmers across the land.  It is linked to big corps. that want to control your right to food.  Please review this website, and consider organizing a signed petition and sending to yourContinue reading “Your Government is siding with Big Business”