Successful Completion

Hi everyone; Thanks to all who came by our tables at the Seedy Events this year and said hi and picked up some things or signed our petition.  Most people do not know that Monsanto is trying to sneak that bill into the legislation in Canada.  Your support and interest is great.  You are rightContinue reading “Successful Completion”

Stop Bill C-18

Here is the petition to stop bill C-18.  Please read information about it at the National farmer’s Union site at or through Seeds of Diversity Canada at Right to Save Seeds Petition C-18 — A Corporate Agri-business Promotion Act Thanks for ensuring that your kids still have the right to grow their ownContinue reading “Stop Bill C-18”

Your Government is siding with Big Business

Your Government is siding with Big Business There is a new bill before the house of Commons that threatens seed savers and farmers across the land.  It is linked to big corps. that want to control your right to food.  Please review this website, and consider organizing a signed petition and sending to yourContinue reading “Your Government is siding with Big Business”